Why go to Amsterdam? Jan Mot (Brussels) presents award-winning piece by Tino Sehgal

JanMot_TinoSehgal_YetUntitled_2012Three interpreters sitting on the floor, moving slowly, making clicking sounds, singing; everything happening in a strange slow motion kind of way. Did I really hear the guy singing Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name? Did I see that girl throwing a lasso Gangnam Style? In 2015 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is presenting a major survey of the work of Tino Sehgal: A Year At The Stedelijk, 12 presentations in 12 months. But for those of you living in Brussels: you don’t need to go to Amsterdam if you want to get to know the work of this art world darling and Turner Prize nominee (2013). Gallery Jan Mot is currently presenting Yet Untitled (2012), through February 28, a piece that was featured in the official Venice Biennale exhibition in 2013. Sehgal even won the Golden Lion for best artist for it. Want more info on Yet Untitled? You’ll find an interview at the end of this clip. Two rules from the unwritten Tino Sehgal crash course, for when you go to Jan Mot: don’t call this a performance, and, as always: pictures not allowed.

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