That was then, this is now: 1st Antwerp Art Weekend (50 exhibitions) starts tomorrow

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Why not start the year where we ended it: in Antwerp. The last exhibition I visited in 2014 was, once again, proof of how Antwerp tries to reclaim some of the “territory” it lost to Brussels, now mostly regarded as Belgium’s contemporary art capital. Un Voyage Autour De Ma Chambre (pictures) was an exhibition in December, set up by that slightly alternative artistic centre/workroom Het Bos (ex: Scheld’apen) in collaboration with art collective Cakehouse, with work by artists such as Guillaume Bijl (he set up an exact copy of a travel shop), Vaast Colson and even Luc Tuymans. And now I’m really curious to see what Antwerp’s first Art Weekend, starting tomorrow, will have to offer: 4 days, more than 50 exhibitions, 40 locations. A new art magazine will be launched (Oogst), Extra City Kunsthal presents a 4-day happening The Image Generator, art school HISK sets up a pop-up exhibition Little Hisk, and many galleries will exceptionally be open on Sunday. All info here, exhibition overview here. Utopia Parkway might be Brussels-based, but: go Antwerp go!


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