Dangling guitars, shimmering cymbals and a sickening bass flute: ‘Orkest’ at Netwerk (Aalst)

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Never knew the sound of a bass flute could be that sickening. It really turned my stomach upside down. No wonder they hand out earmuffs and earplugs at the entrance. And I had thought to be ‘safe’ by visiting Orkest when those huge church bells weren’t doing their daily routine (every day at 3pm). Am I sounding too off-putting here? Orkest (orchestra) at Netwerk (Aalst, through March 6), consisting of 8 installations, is actually a rather interesting, small exhibition about sound, presenting for instance Konrad Smolenski‘s Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More, which was part of the Venice Biennale in 2013 (Polish pavilion). Too busy to make that trip to Aalst? Then at least check out these videos, fragments from percussionist Julian Sartorius’s Beat Diary, or listen to Rutger Zuydervelt ‘s eternal A, Stay Tuned, with more than 150 musicians contributing. (images: courtesy Netwerk)


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