Colours, frames and curtains: ‘With your eyes only’ (CCNOA)

‘Art should be disquieting’, one of the members of the jury of the Canvascollectie/Collection RTBf kept on saying, during that recent nationwide search for new artists. It’s a phrase that popped up in my head when I payed a visit to With your eyes only, by CCNOA at Yum (Brussels; at walking distance from Wiels). For that temporary exhibition several artists have constructed new site-specific works. Is it because of the sounds you’re hearing, the flickering video screens, or that narrow space filled with all sorts of strange constructions? The fact is: it gets to you. ‘Do we perceive an artwork as a whole or are we seduced by one of its constituent parts? What catches our retinal perception?’ These are just a few of the questions Tilman, who created the concept for this, came up with for this huge installation. I was intrigued. So, do drop by at Yum, before everything will be taken down again. You’ll find works by Greet Billet, Pieter Vermeersch, Tilman, Ward Denys, Aernoudt Jacobs, Dan Walsh, Carrie Yamaoka and a few others. (PS: on June 28 ‘With your eyes only’ had to close its doors, unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond CCNOA’s control)


One Response to “Colours, frames and curtains: ‘With your eyes only’ (CCNOA)”

  1. We very much appreciate your text. A million thanks.

    Kind regards

    Petra Bungert & Team CCNOA

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