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Emperors can be softies too: Wim Opbrouck & Peter Verhelst opt for a different ‘Nero’

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Mommy this. Mommy that. Straight from the beginning you wonder: is this a Roman emperor? If this guy were really Nero he’d never be that sweet and use that word. But he does. With affection. And straight away you know that you’re going to see a different emperor; a different Nero. Don’t expect grand gestures and an overtly self-assured leader. Flemish actor Wim Opbrouck and author/playwright Peter Verhelst opt for a soft-spoken and hesitant Nero, in this new theatre production by NTGent (performance in Dutch).

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Wim Vandekeybus looking for gold in ‘nieuw/Zwart’

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NieuwZwart. New black. It’s not about fashion. It’s certainly not about goth. It’s a painter trying to invent a new colour: Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus, wanting to invent a new ‘landscape’ for his new performance, after a career spanning 20 years.

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Newsflash: Robert Vuijsje wins ‘Gouden Uil’

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Dutch writer Robert Vuijsje has won the Gouden Uil (Golden owl), the prestigious Belgian award for literature, for his first novel Alleen maar nette mensen. The Gouden Uil for children’s books was awarded to Peter Verhelst & Carl Cneutt for Het geheim van de keel van de nachtegaal. The winners receive 25.000 euro and a trofee designed by illustrator Ever Meulen. Past winners include Jeroen Brouwers, Arnon Grunberg and Tom Lanoye.

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