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Marzipan or Plexi? A weird but unsatisfying tale about a spider woman, a mermaid and a zombie prince

Posted in theatre with tags , , on March 31, 2010 by Utopia Parkway

The guy sitting next to me actually fell asleep. Twice. Not a good sign, when there’s an almost naked, pregnant blond girl and a mermaid-like singing black girl moving around in front of you, and all the other characters, dressed in colourful crocheted costumes, are supposed to be part of a sort of underwater peep show. Marijs Boulogne is heralded as one of Belgium’s freshest new talents. She is praised for her storytelling, her weird fantasy and her fascination for the feminine side of sexuality. I get all of that, but with Marzipan or Plexi (a mixture of a play and an a capella musical, all in English) she falls short as a director: her crazy story about a spider woman, a mermaid and a zombie prince is too slow, could have done with better acting, and drags itself along in the same register way too long. Boulogne sure throws in a few nice ideas (plucking that zombie prince, for instance), but as a whole this wasn’t convincing enough. She might be an original storyteller, I was missing some of that cleverness and weirdness in the way she adapted her story to the stage.

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