Look at Mother Nature on the run: John Knight takes his wood panels to CC Strombeek

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It’s closing tomorrow, so it’s probably too late to go and see for yourself. All the more reason for sharing some pictures of Bohemian Grove, as it was certainly one of the more peculiar contemporary art exhibitions in Brussels, recently. And another one reminding me it’s always worth checking out what’s going on at CC Strombeek.

Walking into the main hall, you probably wonder: and where is the art? Until you notice the wood panels on the walls. Courtesy John Knight, the American conceptual artist. The panels were made of wood used to cover the outside walls of an exhibition space of a Berlin gallery housed in a former horse shed.
When it was renovated, Knight took the wood and brought it to another, more posh exhibition space of the same gallery (Galerie Neu). He later on showed his panels in that chic Gladstone Gallery in New York. And now he has brought them to Belgium.
The title of the exhibition is a reference to that secretive American Bohemian Club. Just some wood that has gone through the hands of an artist and has become art? What Knight is referring to is that longing of the rich and the famous to become bohemian and hip by becoming art connoisseurs.
He also wants to make you think about that strange duality: how the rich tend to have absolutely no scruples when it comes to gaining more wealth, thereby destroying the world with their big companies, but how they all tend to want to live close to nature, and how they value their relation with nature – the same mother nature they’ve no problem with destroying.
Knight is smilingly throwing in some art critique as well: what about all those artists adopting a bohemian lifestyle just to gain more credibility?

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