There’s a blue Mercedes in your patio: The Still House Group has taken over MDD (Deurle)


The Still House Group has landed. And in case of that blue Mercedes you can take that quite literally. Contrary to what was planned MDD (Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle) will not be closed after all this autumn and winter (it isn’t going ahead with those renovations yet). Instead it has invited the New York-based artist organisation (represented in Belgium by Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels) to take over the entire exhibition space, for Service Entrance (through March 1, 2015). The eight Still House artists present work of their own in the main hall. In the smaller rooms they present a program of several, changing exhibitions. They invite artists that have worked as residents at their studio in Brooklyn (Peter Sutherland and Augustus Thompson, through January 4), they have built a miniature gift shop (also through Jan 4) and Zachary Susskind will present three different exhibitions set up in collaboration with Art Without Bars and ten prisoners. And how did that Mercedes get into that patio, you wonder? With a crane, taking it over the roof of MDD into that open square onto those rice bags. You’ll find a couple of snapshots of the exhibition after the jump. You’ll find Zachary Susskind at Rodolphe Janssen as well (Nov 27-Dec 20).


‘Untitled’ (Louis Eisner, 2013) and ‘Mar Vista’, ‘Sad Punk’, ‘Was Here’ (Jack Greer, 2014)


‘LACK’ (Dylan Lynch, 2014) and ‘Dumb Blond (Pink Panther Blond)’ (Nick Darmstaedter, 2013)


‘LACK’ (Dylan Lynch, 2014) and ‘Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon’ (Brendan Lynch, 2014)


‘Redbull Without A Cause’ (Nick Darmstaedter, 2012) and ‘Baltimore Betsy’ (Louis Eisner, 2014)

‘Crowbar and Baseball’ (Dylan Lynch, 2014)

‘Mountain Workshop’ (Brendan Lynch, 2014)


‘Untitled’ (Dylan Lynch, 2014) and ‘Piero Bisello #3’ (Isaac Brest, 2014)


‘The Weight of an Elephant’ (Dylan Lynch, 2012) and ‘You Are (Not) Alone’ (Louis Eisner, 2014)


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