Uncanny mannequins, funny selfies and moving family portraits: Lee Friedlander at Fondation A (Brussels)

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Touching, funny, playful, masterly… No shortage of words to describe Self and Family, the current exhibition at Fondation A Stichting (Brussels, through December 14, near Wiels). It’s an extraordinary show comprising 110 black and white photographs by legendary American photographer Lee Friedlander (now 80). The first one was taken in 1958 in Taos, New Mexico, the most recent one in a Cleveland Clinic intensive care unit in 2013. The exhibition focuses on Friedlanders self-portraits and family pictures, but in the small office of Fondation A you’ll also find a great selection of his famous Mannequins. The exhibition mainly touches on two books, In The Picture – Self Portraits 1958-2011 and the recently published Family In The Picture 1958-2013. For those of you thinking that the selfie was invented recently, think again. Must-see exhibition. For more of Lee Friedlanders work, check the site of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.


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