Office supplies depot or odd artist’s studio? Michael Beutler turns La Loge (Brussels) into ‘Haus Beutler’


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A weird office supplies depot? An odd art atelier for children? An architect’s workroom? Or, simply a dump? You wonder where you’ve ended up, once you’ve opened the door of that solemn looking La Loge (Brussels). Once a Masonic temple, built in the Thirties by Modernist architects, now a non-profit art space. It has been given a rather drastic make-over by Berlin-based Michael Beutler, an artist known for his extensive bricolage installations. (He made the news in 2005, when dustmen in Frankfurt thought one of his sculptures on the street was just rubbish and burned it.) Haus Beutler (through January 17) is Beutler’s peculiar take on a retrospective; a sculptural intervention comprising models, studies, videos and drawings documenting earlier projects. Haus Beutler was first presented at Bielefelder Kunstverein (May-July 2014), Germany. In 2015 Beutler will develop a new large-scale project at the Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin). Needless to say: if you haven’t discovered La Loge yet, now is the moment to do so.


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