The art of sharing: last days for ‘Use Me’ and ‘Genuine Conceptualism’ at Herbert Foundation (Gent)

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Belgian art collectors. There are many of them, and their collections can be pretty impressive. That’s no longer a secret. Proof of that, these days at Tripostal, Lille, where 18 collectors present 140 of their treasures, anonymously (Passions Secrètes, through Jan. 4). Some of them want to share their collection with the general public on a more permanent basis, such as Walter Vanhaerents in Brussels, and Anton Herbert in Ghent. I quickly want to draw your attention to the latter, as these are the last (Satur)days you can visit a really strong double exhibition at his Herbert Foundation: one centered around conceptual art (Genuine Conceptualism), and the other a more classic collection presentation (Use Me), comprising some forty works, by Wim Delvoye, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Jan Vercruysse and Paul McCarthy. You can visit the Foundation tomorrow and November 8 (individual visits; 11 am-4 pm; closed Nov. 1), and Friday October 31 and November 7 (2 pm; guided tour). All info here. On the last day, Nov. 8, admission is free and there are guided tours at 11 am and 2 pm. (images: courtesy Herbert Foundation)

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