The artist as a collector: Vaast Colson, Koenraad Dedobbeleer and Rinus Van de Velde present their art collection (LLS 387, Antwerp)

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Want another example of the vibrant, alternative Antwerp art scene? Check out A Pair Is Not A Collection, an offbeat exhibition (through October 19) presenting the art collection of six artists, at LLS 387, a nonprofit space for contemporary art. As to be expected with artists such as Vaast Colson and Koenraad Dedobbeleer, this is a show of the quirky kind. Two artists present their collection in a more traditional setup, the four others present their treasures in the unusual setting of the gatehouse of the former Military Hospital across the road, an old building awaiting renovation. Climbing the narrow stairs and entering the dilapidated rooms you feel as if you are walking into a gloomy fairytale world. Look closely and you’ll discover works by Jimmie Durham, Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Wall, Jonathan Meese and Adrian Ghenie. But you’ll also come across catalogues and plenty of strange stuff. The other participating artists are Rinus Van de Velde (the title of the show is taken from one of his drawings), Anne Daems, Henk Visch and Kurt Ryslavy. Definitely worth checking out.


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