Where does the work of art end, and the building begin? BORG biennial (Antwerp) presents work by more than 80 artists

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Interesting. Now that Brussels has become the place to be for the established contemporary art scene, could it be that Antwerp (after having lost a couple of galleries that have moved to Brussels) will become the city for more fringy, edgy initiatives? Just what I was thinking as I was visiting a couple of venues of BORG, the 2014 edition of a biennial of contemporary art in the Borgerhout district of Antwerp. A rather exciting project comprising exhibitions in some 20 venues. Some unexpected (an old bank and an old post office; you often wonder where the work of art ends and the building begins), some more traditional (galleries Base Alpha and Zeno X). BORG was initiated by a couple of gallerists, and curators Pieter Vermeulen and Hole Of The Fox, and presents work by more than 80 artists. It can still be visited today, and from Wednesday till Sunday October 5. It ends with the inauguration of a new work of art in a public space by Lodewijk Heylen. Want to stay informed about the Antwerp art scene? Subscribe to the newsletter of the revamped Antwerp Art site, offering information about openings, nocturnes and exhibitions. At the end of January the first edition of an Antwerp Art Weekend will be organised.


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