Art people. It’s all about the art. Isn’t it?

ArtPeople1No matter what, deep down, I keep believing, that still, it’s all about the art. About artists and artistry. Meaningfulness. No matter how many wealthy French investors move to Brussels, no matter how much money talk I keep hearing and bling bling I keep seeing when I visit all those contemporary art galleries. But sometimes, I almost lose heart. Last Sunday, for instance, happy to be able to visit quite a few galleries for Brussels Art Days. First: that pink guide, accompanied by a grey booklet by the main sponsor, about art as an investment. Then: at the entrance of many galleries, an art magazine I hadn’t seen before. I picked up a copy and flipped through it, curiously. Only to discover that the pages were filled with hundreds of snapshots of people at recent gallery openings. Art People. It felt like some sort of tipping point. The Brussels art scene has become that big that it’s interesting enough for a publisher to start a magazine with just pictures of people, sipping champagne. Without art. And a big ad of a private bank. Art: an integral part of your wealth. I’m so naive.


2 Responses to “Art people. It’s all about the art. Isn’t it?”

  1. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone! I had picked one up at Art Brussels and started flipping through with interest, only to throw it away disgusted at such a waste of resources…

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