Paper, scissors, stone… a fountain and a little spoon: Leon Vranken at Z33 (Hasselt)

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Time flies. And: shame on me. I should have told you about Leon Vranken and his Paper Scissors Stone, at Z33 (Hasselt), that closed yesterday. But I trust you’ve been smart enough to figure out for yourself that this was an exhibition worth seeing, this summer. I like the Belgian artist’s work –  influenced by artists such as Brancusi, Fontana, Broodthaers and Duchamp – because it is clever and funny, and because it encourages your eyes and your brain to look better. Vranken graduated as a landscape architect, and likes to think of himself as an in situ artist, as he usually starts with really looking at the location he is developing an exhibition for. In Hasselt that implied: stripping rooms, thereby bringing them back to a ‘neutral’ state, and installing a huge fountain, with the water going right up through a hole in the ceiling. (You’ll probably remember his huge fountain last summer at Middelheim, Antwerp. Vranken’s Raised Elevation (on loan) has recently been added to the Middelheim parcours). Intrigued? You’ll find more of Vranken’s work here. So: summer is over. Autumn, here we go. (most images: courtesy Leon Vranken, Z33)


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