First the beach and then some art? Nót closed for the summer holidays: Knokke’s art galleries

RonnyVDVelde_ConceptualArtBrussels is where it all seems to happen these days, when it comes to contemporary art galleries. But where to get your fix, when they are closed for the summer holidays? The Belgian seaside is a good option. Knokke more specifically. Sure, you’ll find as much examples of bad taste hanging on the walls of the galleries as you’ll find them on the beach (the clothes being worn). But keep looking and you might even be surprised. Guy Pieters has just opened a new (third!) gallery space, presenting works by Bernard Venet and private collector André Goeminne. Samuel Vanhoegaerden is showing a nice collection of works by Fred Eerdekens, Sabine Wachters presents sculptures and drawings by Nicholas Pope, at André Simoens you’ll see Rudolf Stingel, Raoul de Keyser and Matthew Barney, and Geukens & De Vil is presenting a fine group show focusing on white works of art. But most certainly don’t forget to include Ronny Van De Velde in your afternoon stroll as the small gallery is presenting a remarkable collection of conceptual art (through September 14; with for instance one work by the recently deceased On Kawara.) A second part of that exhibition is on view at Art Factor, Ostend.


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