Gallery opening of the year? Five galleries open their doors at 67 Regentschapsstraat / Rue de la Régence (Brussels)

Opening of the year? It certainly looked like a smaller version of the Art Brussels vernissage. There even was a security agent blocking the entrance, making people queue to get in, as it was too crowded. I’m talking about the opening of 67, as in: Regentschapsstraat/Rue de la Régence number 67, the new art hotspot in Brussels. The office of Editions Bruylant, a publishing firm specialising in law, used to be there, now it’s the home of five contemporary art galleries: Jan Mot and Catherine Bastide (who have left the Dansaert area), Micheline Szwajcer (who left Antwerp), Waldburger (used to be near Hallepoort/Porte de Hal) and MonChéri (joint venture of two galleries from Paris: Valentin and Jeanroch Dard). Impossible, with the crowd, to get a good impression of the art (David Lamelas at Jan Mot, Ann Veronica Janssens at Szwajcer, Sarah Crowner at Bastide…), but the building sure looked great. Nice to notice also that the galleries seem to have managed to keep a different ‘feel’: the librarylike Jan Mot and a more classic gallery look for Szwajcer, both in the stately front part of the building, and the more New Yorkish, industrial loft feel of the building at the back, where the printing used to be done. A place to discover, now the Duvel and champagne sipping crowds have left.


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