A dusty chunk of folded space: Peter Buggenhout’s ‘Distant Proximity Piece’


‘Great chunks of folded space’, New York Times-critic Roberta Smith recently wrote about Peter Buggenhout‘s work, in her review of the Belgian artist’s first show at that ever so important Gladstone Gallery in New York. ‘They add to a tradition of junk sculpture that begins with Picasso, but they relate especially to the crushed metal forms of John Chamberlain and Nancy Rubins.’ I just wanted to remind you that one of those dusty chunks of folded space is currently on view at Centrale For Contemporary Art (Brussels), that exhibition space that is still having a hard time trying to find its place in the Brussels art scene. Buggenhout’s work has beautifully been ‘dropped’ in the central hall of the exhibition space, for Distant Proximity (through June 6), an exhibition focusing on ‘seeing as a feeling’, comprising work by 10 artists. Buggenhout has just been selected as one of the 51 artists for the next Taipei Biennial, together with 2 other Belgian artists, Harold Ancart and Patrick Van Caeckenbergh. His work is currently featured in an exhibition (through July 18) at Fondazione Giuliani in Rome as well.


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