Ouch! Or how Jan Fabre will cure your brain (Galerie Daniel Templon, Brussels)

Templon_JanFabreHow I imagine a lot of people from the Brussels art scene must have felt, the morning after Art Brussels closed its doors. Rear View Mirror (2013) is the centre piece – it’s yours for 350.000 euro – of what Galerie Daniel Templon claims to be Jan Fabre‘s first gallery show in Brussels (through May 31). Do we feel with our brain and think with our heart? comprises mostly sculptures in white Carrara marble, plus a film for which the Belgian artist interviewed neurobiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti. Fabre has been in a coma twice, and remembers seeing a white tunnel. That’s why he has chosen to work with white marble. And he considers the brain to be some kind of bridge between life and death. More Fabre, for those of you living in Brussels: Cinematek is showing Doctor Fabre will cure you by Pierre Coulibeuf, at Flagey (till June 5). It’s the experimental documentary that caused a stir in Belgium, two years ago, when some cats were thrown in the air, in Antwerp’s town hall, during the filming. Other news: Stigmata, Actions et Performances 1976-2013, Fabre’s first retrospective about his activities as a performance artist, that was presented at MAXXI (Rome) last year, will travel to M HKA (Antwerp) in March 2015. More images of Fabre’s exhibition at Daniel Templon here.


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