An unusual poster campaign and a pink carpet: Kunstenfestivaldesarts takes over Brussels

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Don’t get annoyed if someone is staring into your eyes too intently, one of these. He or she is just obeying the orders of Tim Etchells, one of the guests of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), kicking off tonight and running through May 24. Apart from an exhibition and a performance the British artist, known for his theatre work with Forced Entertainment, presents a poster campaign with quotes from people who are for one reason or the other not allowed to vote on May 25 (election day in Belgium). ‘Don’t forget to look other people in the eyes’ is one of them. This year the festival center (box office, bar, party’s…) is located at an unusual place: the old Marivaux cinema (Boulevard A. Max 98). Do look at the floor, as you’re entering the building: the pink carpet has been chosen by Belgian visual artist duo Sarah & Charles. They have decorated the rest of the place as well, and named their project The Cover-Up.  As I paid the center a visit earlier today, they were still constructing and painting several of their props. Remarkable for this international contemporary theatre and dance festival: about a third of all productions is by local artists or international guests who present projects focused on Brussels. All info here.



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