Art Brussels: 190 galleries, 2.000 artists, 30.000 visitors, 3 days… An incomplete quick tour

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Art Brussels: 190 contemporary art galleries, more than 2.000 artists and probably 30.000 visitors, in 3 days. Curated by Katerina Gregos, and with a programme that tries to be a little bit different. With for instance a modest exhibition focusing on works from Belgian private collections (Portrait of the Collector as a Work of Art). With 29 solo shows, plus 6 thematic group shows selected by Gregos for the Curator’s View section. The most exciting, refreshing part of the fair? Probably the corner with 6 not-for-profit spaces, each presenting a special project for the fair. Just before Art Brussels opened its doors for the vernissage, and just before the crowds arrived, I did a quick tour.


3 Responses to “Art Brussels: 190 galleries, 2.000 artists, 30.000 visitors, 3 days… An incomplete quick tour”

  1. You must be the luckiest person in Brussels right now! I can only imagine what it would be like to have that amazing space by ”yourself”, even briefly. I hope to enjoy it as much, despite the crowds. Thank you so much for the sneak peek!

    • Utopia Parkway Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lia & for following my blog! It was quite surreal to experience it this way, indeed.

      • Oh, but always enjoy reading your blog – it’s my arts compass. Thank you so much too, for following mine!
        I braved the crowds and had an overall positive experience yesterday – the sheer size of it can be overwhelming but it’s such an interesting experience to have once a year!

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