The circus is coming to town. Are you in, or out? Or: ‘Things can only get better’ (Filip Gilissen)

'Things Can Only Get Better' (Filip Gilissen, 'Out Of Character', CAB, Brussels.A turnstile, made of fake gold. As a door that grants access to the promised land: the oh so hip world of contemporary art. But is it just my imagination or does it resemble the door of a prison as well? Thus raising the question: are you in, or are you out? Yesterday evening the corks of the first champagne bottles popped, at CAB (Brussels), as it was one of the first venues to present a special event organised on the occasion of Art Brussels, the circus that is coming to town this week. Out of Character, an exhibition of a different kind, actually is based on a nice idea: 8 artists, not linked to a commercial gallery in Belgium, were able to create a work of art, in collaboration with a Belgian or French collector. The exhibition was curated by Stijn Maes, and it’s on view through June 7. The turnstile, Things can only get better, is a work by Filip Gilissen. It was created with the support of collector Michel Delfosse, and will become the entrance door to his collection in Kortrijk.


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