Mind your head: iron out of control in a room full of smog (HeHe at Aeroplastics, Brussels)

Aeroplastics_HeHe1There’s a rope. But even without it, you wouldn’t think of stepping into that room. Because it looks as if that flying iron could hit you any minute. And then there’s the threatening, hissing sound it makes as it releases steam. Once again Aeroplastics proves its position as one of the more peculiar galleries in Brussels. Most of the time their shows are too over the top to be my thing, but I rather liked Anthroposphere (through March 15). It is the first Belgian show by Paris-based duo HeHe (Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen). Their works focus on the conflictual relation between the unbridled quest for new energy and our fragile environment. They were awarded the Golden Nica in Linz in 2008 (Belgian artist Koen Van Mechelen received the award last year). Apart from that crazy iron, you’ll find a nuclear plant plunged in an aquarium, a flooded room with an oil platform, and a hilarious video with a toy car in the streets of NY. The works will make you smile & think. And it’s exactly the show to visit, now we’re having to deal with a two-day smog alarm in this country. More pics here.


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