What are you grinning at? Ugo Rondinone at Sorry We’re Closed (Brussels)


Note to self: must drive past Sorry We’re Closed more often in 2014. Still one of the oddest galleries in Brussels (and by now a copied formula): just a storefront window, but one often presenting nice art. Such as that grinning face by Ugo Rondinone right now (through December 26). I can’t help but think that it is mocking the Xmas rush. All those people passing by in a hurry, on their way to the Christmas market, or stressing: where to find that very special gift. Well, umm, if you can afford to spend a few euro’s more: right here, for instance. The sculpture is actually drawing attention to a jewellery project by Rondinone: seven masks (one for each day of the week) in 23 carat gold, made in collaboration with goldsmith Pierre Hugo (whose father used to be Picasso’s jeweller). Info here. And for those who might be thinking: I’ve seen that face before… Indeed: Rondinone’s series of Sunrise East sculptures was on view in the garden of Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (Deurle) in 2010.



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