Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s sweet revenge: everybody is dancing ‘Rosas Danst Rosas’


Who is she, and why is she making such a big deal of this? I’m sure some people will have thought, two years ago, when a Belgian choreographer called Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker tried to convince everybody outside the world of contemporary dance that it was not fair, the way world-famous pop star Beyoncé had stolen part of her classic piece Rosas Danst Rosas  (1983) in the video for Countdown.
In a smart way De Keersmaeker has recently made it clear just how influential her piece is, and that the influence surpasses the world of contemporary dance. Not by saying: this is mine, don’t touch it, but by saying: here it is, just take it. By now some 250 films have been sent in from all over the world based on instruction clips De Keersmaeker had put online in June. They have been compiled into a short (and a longer) You Tube-clip, that has already caught the attention of the New York Times and The Guardian. Yesterday evening, De Keersmaeker herself was one of four dancers performing in a rerun of Rosas Danst Rosas at Kaaitheater (Brussels). As an encore (photo), some 20 young girls from a high school in Brussels performed their version (among them: De Keersmaeker’s daughter). Whatever Beyoncé might have taken, De Keersmaeker has taken it back. And the story continues: you can still upload your clip.


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