Fresh Belgian talent presented by Nathalie Obadia: Joris Van de Moortel’s new order

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If only this could be one of the side effects of all those (foreign) galleries moving to Brussels: a boost for Belgian art. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would show a keen interest in promoting the thriving local scene instead of only presenting bankable artists? It’s why one just hás to like the new show at Nathalie Obadia, the Parisian gallerist who moved to Brussels in 2007: she has picked up Belgian artist Joris Van de Moortel, who used to be represented by Hoet Bekaert, the Ghent gallery that closed down last year. Van de Moortel is now one of the few Belgian artists on the roster of the gallerist, whose husband Daniel Templon will open up a gallery in Brussels as well, shortly. It will just take you a second to notice that Van de Moortel likes mixing visual art and rock music: elements from his performances will be reused in his works of art. He also recycles, reorders and reassembles stuff from previous exhibitions. You’ll find his work in Antwerp too, these days, as he is one of 8 artists invited to create new work in the city, for a special exhibition celebrating 350 years of the Antwerp Art Academy.


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