Art gallery on Airbnb? Clearing (Brussels) temporarily for rent: art included, breakfast not

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Drop a bed in your art gallery and then put it on Airbnb as ‘room for rent’. Isn’t that a smart way for a gallery to make some money just in case the paintings don’t sell? The invitation for the new show at Clearing (Brussels) was a strange one, as it contained a link to an Airbnb-room for rent in Brussels. A joke? As a matter of fact: it isn’t. Canadian New York-based artist Aaron Aujla has almost inconspicuously decorated an apartment on Clearing’s first floor with some of his works. (The blue cushions in the chair? His.) You’ll be able to spot some works by Belgian artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer in the room as well. And yes, the apartment (bed- & bathroom) is for rent  (130 €; no breakfast). Preferring a more traditional approach to the gallery show? Don’t be afraid, Aujla is showing some other work downstairs in the ‘real’ gallery space (through October 19).


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