Please give me something to hold on to: Leon Vranken’s funnily disorienting show at Meessen De Clercq (Brussels)


The strangest thing happened to me yesterday, in the staircase at work: I stopped to look at the handrail. It has always been there and I must have seen it every day, but I never really noticed it. Or what happens when an artist decides to adorn the walls of a gallery with a wooden handrail, providing some support, as if to guide you through his funnily disorienting exhibition: suddenly you start looking at handrails everywhere. Needless to say that I liked A Cat’s Eye Perspective, by Belgian artist Leon Vranken – a Young Belgian Painters Award finalist in 2009 – at Meessen De Clercq (Brussels; through October 26), for the clever way it plays with forms and structures, a concept such as trompe l’oeil, and thus the way it messes with perspective and the way you perceive things: what is real and what is not? Also on view are works by Jorge Mendez Blake and 45.000 white dice forming the image of an avalanche, by Evariste Richer.



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