Two collectors trying to push the limits: Herbert Foundation finally opens its doors in G(h)ent

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‘We’ve been trying to push the limits of the impossible.’ It was touching to see how he couldn’t help it. Out of sheer passion, he just hád to intervene. As I visited the new Herbert Foundation exhibition space (Gent) I was fortunate enough to have Belgian collector Anton Herbert and his wife checking out the guided tour. And the respected collector just hád to explain why they had chosen Lawrence Weiner‘s As if it could for the title of their first exhibition (through October 26). ‘It has been quite an adventure’, he added, talking about their internationally praised collection. The Herberts have collected some 400 works by 40 artists over the years. They started in the sixties and stopped buying art a decade or so ago. ‘The collection is centered around two artists with a wide-ranging artistic vocabulary: Marcel Broodthaers and Bruce Nauman.’ In 2011 they auctioned 35 works from their collection at Christie’s New York (for € 3,5 million) to finance this private exhibition space. It has finally opened its doors at the end of June. Must-see, but hurry, almost all the tours are fully booked.
(all images: © Herbert Foundation; photographer: Ph. De Gobert)



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