Arnold, Patti, several lilies and some leather: Robert Mapplethorpe’s early works at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels)

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How to make sure everyone will make that effort to find the way to your new gallery? Just have a must-see exhibition by an acclaimed artist in it, such as the legendary Robert Mapplethorpe, for instance. Au début (through July 20) is the second show at the new, second gallery space by Xavier Hufkens (Brussels). Set up in collaboration with The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, the exhibition comprises some 100 works from 1970 to 1979 by the American photographer who died in 1989: early Polaroids as well as Hasselblad photo’s; portraits, figure studies, still lifes and portraits of lovers and friends. Included are, of course, some beautiful portraits of Patti Smith, some funny ones of Arnold Schwarzenegger and several SM-related images. We’ve had Lisette Model at Keitelman, right now Paris-Beijing is presenting Martin Parr’s first retrospective in Belgium… Mapplethorpe’s Au début once again is a museum-quality gallery show.


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