Are these the best kept secrets of the Venice Biennale? Mark Manders hides some objects at the Dutch pavilion (and puts a fox in a shop)

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Why would he want to keep some of his works hidden behind a plastic curtain at the Dutch pavilion, was the interviewer’s question, in a documentary I saw on Dutch tv. ‘Because they are not finished yet’, was Mark Manders‘ simple answer. You have to love the guy. Yes, he’s Dutch, but he’s living in Belgium and he is represented by a Belgian gallery (Zeno X, Antwerp). Two good reasons to consider him a Belgian artist and to show you a photo gallery of Room with broken sentence, his nice but slightly uneven exhibition at the Dutch pavilion at the Venice Biennale. What I discovered later on: Manders has put a second version of his fox (Fox/Mouse/Belt) in a backroom at a shop at the Via Garibaldi, near the Giardini. Didn’t I say so? You just have to love the guy. Want to know where Manders has hidden his fox? Send me a mail ( and I’ll be happy to share this little secret with you.


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