A fountain, a rabbit hole, a mushroom and a writer’s island: welcome to ‘My little paradise (Mijn kleine paradijs)’ (Middelheim, Antwerp)

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We might all still be waiting for that first glimpse of summer in Belgium, the art world is slowly getting into a summer mood. The museum summer exhibitions will open shortly and the outdoor exhibitions are getting readied. A nice one opened its doors yesterday, at that wonderful Middelheim sculpture park (Antwerp). It has become even more worth the trip with an exhibition called Mijn kleine paradijs/My little paradise (through September 15), in the Hortiflora, a garden which was added to the park last year. Put together by Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck and Middelheim curator Sara Weyns it was inspired by the Hortus Conclusus: a secluded garden for contemplation. It became a rather diverse exhibition with works by 7 artists, comprising a fountain (Leon Vranken), a video installation (John Cale‘s Diddiau Du/Dark Days; take your time for this one, as it takes 47 minutes and viewers are asked not to leave the room until it is over) and a sound installation in the woods (Forest (for a thousand years), by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, already on view last year at Documenta XIII, Kassel).



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