Probably the spookiest work of art in Belgium right now: Peter Buggenhout’s ‘Herzliya Piece’


You enter through a small door, not knowing what to expect. As your eyes are getting used to the dark, you wonder how big that room is you’ve just stepped into. Is it big? No: it’s huge. And what’s that light in the distance? Slowly but gradually you realize that you’ve entered an enormous hall, and that somewhere in the distance, underneath those gloomy white neons, something is waiting for you. A giant creature, looking like a leftover from Mad Max. It’s a sculpture by Belgian artist Peter Buggenhout: The blind leading the blind, Herzliya Piece #1. Part of Passages, a temporary exhibition at a couple of locations along the so-called North-South train connection in Brussels. Adding to the spooky atmosphere: the thunderous noise of the trains passing over your head, as this hall is exactly underneath the train tracks, and the strange residue on the floor. Buggenhout’s installation can still be viewed on Saturday 11 and Saturday 18 May (3-6 PM,  Argonnestraat/Fonsnylaan; free access). And don’t be scared: it might feel as if it can happen any moment, but no one’s going to attack you.


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