Really playing with the big boys now: new exhibition space for Zeno X Gallery (Antwerp)

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Didn’t he consider it a risk, moving away from the city centre and the hip neighbourhood with all the galleries to the outskirts of town, the radio interviewer asked? No, the gallery owner answered. Because the people who pass by to visit the gallery mostly aren’t the people who buy the work. Or: the realities of the art market. Nevertheless: it had always escaped me. One of Belgium’s most important art galleries, with one of the smallest exhibition spaces around? One that seldomly did justice to the exposed works? All that has changed now.
The new exhibition space of Antwerp gallery Zeno X is probably one of the biggest and most impressive ones around. It’s almost too big to be true, with its 1.200 m². The opening exhibition (through May 25) occupies all four rooms, but I presume that for future exhibitions not all rooms will be used. So don’t miss that opportunity to discover this new space, designed by architects Coussée & Goris, with some 40 works by Michaël Borremans, Marlene Dumas, Mark Manders, Luc Tuymans…). (images: courtesy Zeno X)


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