Denim skirts by Kim Gordon, a trashed drum kit and a Roy Orbison desk: ‘I want your name and my name on a flyer’ (Tatjana Pieters, Gent)

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I crave for some rock’n’roll. A little bit of trash. That’s why my heart jumped as I opened the doors of Galerie Tatjana Pieters in Ghent. Aha: a drum kit, in the middle of a trashy setting. And over there: smudged denim skirts by Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth’s eternally hip bass player. Just some of the works in I want your name and my name on a flyer, a group show assembled by Belgian artist Dennis Tyfus, with a couple of artists refusing to stick to just one label, often involved with music too. Gunther, for instance, is an installation documenting an Antwerp space Tyfus ran with Vaast Colson, for concerts, exhibitions and performances. And I really wonder if that Roy Sculpture actually works: Colson promises to make a drawing at his grandparents’ desk for everyone who sends him a Roy Orbison record. The exhibition closes with a couple of performances on April 7. To fans of Kim Gordon I’d like to point out that she’s the focus of the Spring issue of that cool Berlin art magazine Mono.Kultur.  (images: courtesy Galerie Tatjana Pieters)


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