The sky is the limit: a room filled with Babel towers (Botanique, Brussels)

'Tower of Babel' (Jakob Gautel, at Botanique, Brussels)What happens when you eat too many candies? You feel a little nauseous afterwards. Sort of how I felt after having visited Babel (Botanique, Brussels, through April 21), an exhibition inspired by that mythical tower from the Bible. It was on view at Palais des Beaux Art (Lille) last year, where it drew large crowds. It’s easy to see why. Who hasn’t been building towers as a kid? The Babel tale appeals to all ages, and the same goes for this exhibition. Too bad though that the majority of the works on display are from artists becoming architects reaching for the sky in one way or the other: the exhibition space is cramped with towers, each one trying to be even more spectacular or bizarre than the next one. I wonder why not more works such as Wim Delvoye’s cement mixer or Marjan Teeuwens’ photographs were included: works that are inspired by Babel, but explore that idea in a different way. So: yes, something for the whole family, but beware: the kids might be heading straight for their Lego bricks afterwards, you might be wanting an aspirin.


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