Scary monsters and super creeps: last days for David Altmejd at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels)

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The difference, simply put? His previous show is an exhibition I’ll probably never forget (review here). I’m not sure his new one at Xavier Hufkens (through March 20) will haunt me in three years time. Sure: David Altmejd‘s strange creatures still are impressive but to me it seems as if the Canadian artist is struggling to make them as powerful as his previous ones. There still is a certain beauty/horror-contrast that gives his sculptures a special aura, but it’s as if assembling them becomes like a trick: a coconut here, and a shard of glass there, et voilà. Altmejd want his works of art to exude a feeling of energy, and in my opinion this time around that works best with his white plaster humanoids. Looking at them you can’t help but feeling as if somebody is scraping away your skin. Nevertheless: catch this show if you still can. Altmejd was included in the Whitney Biennial in 2004 and represented Canada at the Venice Biennale in 2007. His Collossi were on view for two years at the Vanhaerents Collection (Brussels).


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