The investors have just left the building: ‘Contemporary future’ presents work from corporate art collections (CAB, Brussels)

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Was it the sound of money I was hearing? Or was it just my imagination? Belgium has lots of private art collectors and big companies buying art. But does that automatically lead to interesting art collections? It’s a question you’ll certainly be asking yourself, on your visit to CAB (Brussels), a private contemporary art center that opened in April 2012. As I had missed the first two exhibitions, Contemporary future seemed a good reason to go there.
It is an exhibition (short-run: through March 17), initiated by a private bank, bringing together 23 works from the collections of the National Bank of Belgium, Belgacom, Bel & Bo and Katoen Natie. You’ll be able to discover nice work (that you rarely have the occasion to see) by artists such as Wim Delvoye, Sterling Ruby, Andreas Gursky and Daniel Buren, in – that’s for sure – a great exhibition space.
But no matter how hard the curator has tried, it’s an exhibition that fails to impress. Because it feels chilly in there. Figuratively speaking. The only word you’ll be able to think of is this: investment. Next at CAB is The fold (April 19-June 15), an exhibition focusing on ‘absence, disappearance and loss of memory in the works of 12 Iranian artists’.


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