A (wo)man is a dog is a (wo)man: Antonia Baehr’s acoustic exploration of two parallel lives

Antonia Baerh (photo: Julie Pagnier)She took a sip of water and then she started talking. Barking. Talkbarking. Or should I say: barksinging, because she was reading from a score on a music stand, as if she was performing a piece of classical music. It was the last part of a performance in which Antonia Baehr had been juxtaposing the life of her mother and that of her mother’s dog Tocki. Baehr: a German performer with a keen interest in gender, personae, languages and codes. Herself – an androgyne mix of male and female elements – a walking example of the things she’s interested in. The strongest element of My dog is my piano? Not so much the content as the ”musicality” of it. As in the first part, in which she was mixing as a dj, vinyl records playing sounds of her mother and her dog. You’ll be able to discover much more of Baehr’s remarkable universe, as Beursschouwburg (Brussels) presents a retrospective of her work: Make Up, named after Baehr’s production company (through May 25). Baehr will also bring Rire/Laugh, which she has performed at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) in 2009. Utopia’s review of that performance here. Baehr will premiere a new performance during this year’s Kunstenfestival: Abecedarium Bestiarium.



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