A chocolate window with weird effects: ‘Notes on Neo-Camp’ at Office Baroque (Antwerp)

'Untitled' (Daniel Sinsel, 2013; courtesy Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp)It had been a long day and I was really tired. As I stood in front of this brown painting I could have sworn it was moving in all possible directions. David Sinsel’s Untitled (2013) is part of a diverse, humorous and intriguing exhibition at Office Baroque, the Antwerp gallery that was named after a legendary work by Gordon Matta-Clark in the city. Notes on Neo-Camp (through April 20) is curated by Chris Sharp, the editor of Kaleidoscope, and is inspired by an article he wrote for his magazine: Camp + dandyism = neo-camp, here. It comprises work by 13 artists, mostly based in New York and London, said to be exploiting ‘the heritage of camp in the 21st century’ and sharing ‘a highly sensual and plastic sensibility which alternates between coy understatement and erotic bombast’. Talking about Matta-Clark: on March 20 two new films about his summer of ’77 will premiere at Cinema Zuid, Antwerp. More on that here, on the films here. Installation views and more works in the exhibition here.


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