How to turn a staircase into an art gallery: Avenue de Jette – Institut de Carton (Brussels)

AvenueDeJette_InstitutDeCartonI’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. One of the intriguing things about Brussels, a city where many things are going on underneath the surface? Every time you think you’ve seen it all, you discover something that managed to escape your attention. Just the other day, for instance, I noticed from the street a vault of a former jeweler with an art exhibition inside. But the example I wanted to talk about: Avenue de Jette – Institut de Carton, a non-profit gallery near the Koekelberg basilica, open since September 2011. I recently became aware of its existence when Katerina Gregos, the new artistic director of Art Brussels, announced that Institut de Carton would be one of the six non-profit art spaces she’s inviting to the fair this year. Institut de Carton is run by Dutch artist Henri Jacobs and a couple of his artist friends (Willem Oorebeek, Aglaia Konrad…) and can only be visited on Saturday afternoons (2-6 PM). The new exhibition, mainly in the black and white staircase of the stately town house, presents photos by Katja Mater and ex Wiels residents Sara Deraedt and Maartje Fliervoet. It runs through June 15. Curious? More pics here.


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