Ministry Of Silly Walks opens Brussels bureau, or: Theo Cowley’s ‘On Foot’

Theo Cowley's 'On Foot (Red Hat)' (Saint-Hubert Royal Arcade, Brussels)Will anyone of all the tourists passing by have noticed? I don’t think so. And that was what I loved about it. Silently adding something to reality (and thus altering it) and then taking it away again, without anyone noticing. And for those who are in the know: altering, for a moment or so, the way they look at the world. That’s my kind of performance. During forty minutes, yesterday evening, you could see six people walking up and down Saint-Hubertus Royal Arcade (Brussels), but each time they were walking by they did so in another way. Sometimes in a really normal fashion, sometimes in a slightly silly way, but never going for the John Cleese/Monty Python all too silly way (original sketch here). The nice thing about it? For a couple of minutes, before you were able to single out the six performers, everyone passing by was suspect. And after that: you started looking at the way all the tourists and other passers-by were walking. Suddenly everybody became a performer. On Foot (Red Hat), by British visual artist Theo Cowley, created for Performatik, the Brussels performance art biennial (ending today). I’m sure somebody will have had this idea before, but nevertheless: loved it.


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