Strange situations in a supermarket and weird moments in a museum… just some adventures in performance land

'Borrowed landscape' (fieldworks at Denon Delhaize, Leuven; photo hMp)I’ve seen two adults do strange things with two pieces of blue thread (Trajal Harrell & Sarah Sze) over the weekend. I’ve seen a visual artist and a dancer move wooden planks around (Jimmy Robert & Maria Hassabi) and I’ve become aware of the fact that an air bubble is expanding over Brussels. I’ve learned, during a debate with international museum curators, that when a skeleton is part of a performance in a museum, everybody can touch it, but when the performance is considered to be a work of art, suddenly only specialized personnel is allowed to handle it. As I had seen that wonderful Fault lines by Meg Stuart twice already, I went to a museum to see dancers do weird things with works of art instead. But the image I’ll take with me from my performance filled weekend, is this one. This picture. Just a fragment of a nice performance by fieldworks: Borrowed landscape, in a supermarket in Leuven. Because it’s wonderfully strange and familiar at the same time. Isn’t it what we all want to do, sometimes, after another busy day? Just lay that head down, wherever we are? Even if it is in a supermarket? Artefact (adventures in art, media & music; Leuven) is over, but Performatik, the Brussels performance biennial, continues till March 2.


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