What goes around, comes around: a cactus with a hula hoop (Do Not Open, Brussels)

'Move it!' (Robert Barta at Do Not Open, Brussels)Do Not Open. It was already the name of a free Belgian art magazine devoted to collages made with art publications or material related to contemporary art exhibitions; distributed in Brussels, London and Berlin (you can flip through the first 2 issues here). Since yesterday evening it is a non-profit project space in Brussels as well (Albaniëstraat/Rue d’Albanie 47, St Gilles) sharing a slightly ironic view on the art world with the magazine. Do Not Open – just as Sorry We’re Closed – is not really a gallery but a brightly lit room, visible from the street. As such, the customizable cube will be ‘open’ 24/7 and needs no gallerist. Just, until April 6, someone to change that hula hoop. Because apparently after two days it is worn out by the green cactus that swings it around. Move it! is a work by Berlin-based artist Robert Barta and was already on display at Casino Luxembourg in 2010. Barta is also one of the artists featured in The causes of things, La Centrale’s next exhibition. Next up at Do Not Open (April 18, for Art Brussels) is Xavier Mary.


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