Tapestries of rich and royal hue: last chance to discover a forgotten artist (Jan Yoors at FelixArt)

'Pink on orange tantra' (Jan Yoors, 1977; courtesy FelixArt/Yoors Family)

It closes Sunday evening, which means you still have four days to make that trip to one of last year’s most surprising exhibitions. First of all, it will bring you to a museum just outside Brussels almost nobody knows about, and secondly you’ll discover the work of a Belgian artist everyone has forgotten about: Jan Yoors (1922-1977). Hesitant to believe my recommendation? Just go immediately to the video room, upon arriving at FelixArt (Drogenbos), and you’ll see the great Australian art critic Robert Hughes, walking in New York’s Washington Square, praising Yoors’s work. As if you would need his words, cause you’ll certainly be surprised by Yoors’s large tapestries on the walls. Yoors was born in Antwerp but moved to New York in the fifties. He was once described as the man who ‘brought tapestries back into its own as and art form and made it modern’. His tapestries were all woven at home. You’ll find more info on his remarkable life and career here and here.


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