‘Art world’s secret weapon’ Clarissa Dalrymple curates exhibition at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels)

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Group shows. They’re often an easy way for a gallery to fill a gap in the exhibition calendar. Just take some works from the vault, et voilà! Not so at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels) where they decided to do things differently: they invited Clarissa Dalrymple to curate an exhibition. Clarissa who? She’s the British New Yorker once described by The New York Times as the art world’s secret weapon, known for an almost psychic ability to pinpoint who and what in art will matter next. Still need a reason to check out whom she has chosen?
Materialism is the link between her 7 artists. ‘I like the idea of an artist’s struggle with material. With each of these works, you can see the hand of the artist, that these pieces have been fabricated, each one is a laborious process.’ Dalrymple combines upcoming artists with established ones such as American painter Alfred Leslie (85; now using a tablet computer and Photoshop) and Young British Artist Sarah Lucas. You’ll find an interview with Dalrymple about the exhibition here, and the NYT-profile everybody quotes from here. The other artists in the exhibition (through February 9) are Tommy Hartung, Jay Heikes, Luther Price, Brie Ruais and Ryan Sullivan. (images: courtesy Xavier Hufkens)


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