Every third Saturday: take the elevator up to a bank vault full of art (‘Brisure’, Belfius)

It feels weird, all those security people. Even in the elevator: escorting you up and down again. As if you’re allowed to visit the vault. And maybe it is, in these times of crisis. Anyway: Belgian bank Belfius (formerly: Dexia) has been collecting Belgian art since 1960 and its collection comprises more than 4.500 works. It is considered to be one of the largest private collections in Belgium. Due to the crisis Belfius has stopped buying art in 2008, but just as other banks (ING, Cera) these days, it is trying to make its art collection more visible and accessible. Hence: Brisure, which you can visit for free every third Saturday of the month (til March 16, 2013; Pachecolaan 44, Brussels; register here). Curator Stef Van Bellingen has come up with a nice way to get round the problem that Belfius has stopped buying art: he has asked 22 ‘young’ Belgian artists to link one of their works to a work of art in the Belfius collection. The exhibition space might feel a bit strange, but Brisure does offer a nice overview of contemporary Belgian art, with works by Wim Delvoye, Jan Vercruysse, Rinus Van de Velde, Nadia Naveau and Berlinde De Bruyckere. You’ll be able to see some other works of the collection too (Luc Tuymans) before being escorted down again. More images here.


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