First the French, now the Dutch: Motive Gallery moves from Amsterdam to Brussels

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The French moving to Brussels? We’re used to that, by now. See Almine RechNathalie Obadia and more recently Lazarew and Paris-Beijing. But the Dutch? Yep, they’re here too. After 8 years in Amsterdam Motive Gallery has moved to Brussels and set up shop in the building in the Dansaert area that houses Catherine Bastide and Mot International. Motive occupies the former offices of Frédéric Nicolay, the king of café’s. For their first exhibition Petra Kuipers and Chris Bestebeurtje have chosen new work by Dutch photographer Martine Stig. Cauchy horizons (through January 12) is an ‘investigation into the language of science fiction cinema’. It presents pictures taken in four cities ‘on the verge of transition (Tunis, Shenzhen, Geneva (Cern) and Athens), to capture glimpses of the future’. So, don’t forget to include Motive in your itinerary for Downtown Gallery Day (Saturday Nov. 17). And don’t forget to include Van der Mieden too: the former Antwerp gallery opens its new location in Brussels, on Thursday. (All pictures: courtesy Motive Gallery)


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