Tropical heat in a Masonic temple? La Loge presents ‘Parque do Flamengo’ by Sophie Nys

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There’s always room for more. Especially if that room is an extraordinary one. One of several recently opened art galleries in Brussels is a gallery of a totally different kind as it is housed in a beautiful old Masonic temple. It was built in 1934-35 by two Modernist architects. The gallery, aptly named La Loge, is a privately funded non-profit association, initiated by Belgian architect Philippe Rotthier. Walking through that doorway truly means stepping into another world. A feeling that is enhanced by the atmosphere created by La Loge’s first exhibition: Parque do Flamingo (through November 3), a film by Belgian artist Sophie Nys, made in Rio de  Janeiro. It is a 45-minute uncut travelling shot, crossing the park – 7 kilometres long and designed in the fifties by Roberto Burle Marx – from end to end, with a soundtrack composed by Arto Lindsay. Minimalist, suave and oozing tropical heat. La Loge’s next project will be a collaboration between visual artists Zin Taylor and Roe Etheridge.


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