Morning sunlight printed on a 7.000 € scarf: ‘Couleurs de l’ombre’ by Hiroshi Sugimoto

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Sure, it’s Hermès, and thus we’re talking ‘extreme luxury goods’, but nevertheless, do drop by at the Hermès shop in Brussels one of these, as just looking won’t cost you anything. On display at the exhibition space (La Verrière; through September 29) is Couleurs de l’ombre/Colours of shadow, a project by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, who became known to a wider audience when U2 used one of his pictures for the cover of No line on the horizon. Often Sugimoto’s projects are related to the passing of time. Colours of shade – based on observations by Sir Isaac Newton (Opticks) and Goethe (Zur Farbenlehre) and first presented at Art Basel – is about making visible the colours of light which the eye doesn’t perceive. Sugimoto took Polaroids of the gradations of morning sunlight, using a giant crystal prism and a mirror, in his Tokyo studio. Twenty of those Polaroids were chosen and printed on silk scarves, each in a limited edition of 7: a total of 140 scarves measuring 140 cm x 140 cm. Fashion addict ánd art collector? You can buy a scarf for € 7.000 here. More about Sugimoto and this project here.


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